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  It is rare that an exhibition of drawings has such a powerful physical effect on me that I have to take time out to sit down and recover. Goya: The Witches and Old Women Album on at the Courtauld Gallery until the 25th May had just that effect and is a wonderful example of […]


Whilst in the main art gallery in Dresden recently, a large painting with a rather beautiful oriental carpet in it caught my eye. The painting called The Procuress was painted in 1656 and depicted the buying of a young woman for sex. I was amazed to discover that it was painted by Vermeer, that master […]


Hans Holbein the Younger is well known as the dramatic court portraitist of Henry VIII’s court. His ability to convey likeness means that the portraits of the king now hanging in The National Portrait Gallery are considered as close as we’ll ever get to Henry’s true likeness and appearance.  It is because of Henry’s determination […]


What makes an artist change their approach to their work?  If you are interested in what and whom influences an artist’s work, then the exhibition on the painter Malevich at Tate Britain explores these events and pressures extensively.   The twelve rooms of paintings in the exhibition chart the development of this Russian artist from […]

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Two exhibitions of paintings this week have made me ruminate about colour from different perspectives; Making Colour at The National Gallery and Art and Life at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.   It has recently become possible to take a favorite scarf or piece of wallpaper and get the man at B and Q to mix […]

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Richard Long at The Lisson Gallery     As a long admirer of Richard Long’s work I was delighted to see that he has two new exhibitions open at the moment. Prints 1970- 2013 is on at the New Art Gallery Walsall until June 22nd and Richard Long is on at the Lisson Gallery London […]


A small exhibition of the British painter John Craxton is on in Cambridge until the 21st April. Craxton is an interesting painter who has not been very widely known. He was born in 1922 and died four years ago. In 1947, after the war, he went to Crete for the first time and spent most […]


Imagine walking into a completely empty gallery full of the most stunning collection of paintings that you have never seen before by all of your favourite artists. That’s what I did this week. I’m in Zurich and yesterday took a half hour train trip to Wintertur where a colleague had insisted that I went. There […]

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On my first trip to Australia in the late 1980’s I felt that I had been dropped into a strange new world; a land of eerie outback spaces and modern glass cities which hung onto the rim of a vast continent. A trip to Uluru or Ayer’s Rock, as it was called then, epitomised for […]

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A friend rang me last week to tell me about the annual book sale at the Courtauld. Every year academics, students and private libraries donate art books for the sale to which everyone is welcome. In the entrance hall of the Institute I found tables covered with cardboard boxes full of books. Scribbled on the […]