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    RL cover finalRichard Long is a renowned British artist who has made and shown work internationally for over forty years. He has won the Turner Prize and in 2013 was made a CBE.  Through the apparently simple process of placing stones or pieces of slate, smearing mud or clay or through photographs, Long’s art communicates subtlety and delicacy on both a psychological and visceral level. He is unique amongst contemporary sculptors in using the environment in this way to convey archetypal images which cross boundaries and cultures.

    Juliet Miller tracks down the artist to try and discover how his work has the power to ‘get inside’ the viewer where it can stimulate powerful thoughts and connections with the natural world. The writer, explores her own responses to Long’s work and considers the ways in which great art can affect us all. It is not a theoretical book in either a psychoanalytic or art critical way and will appeal to those interested in Richard Long’s work, in contemporary British sculpture and in how to talk or write about the feelings we may have when relating to an artist.

    Richard Long writes about On the Track of Richard Long: ‘I feel a connection with Carl Jung. In some ways he was also an artist, he made striking and original images ahead of his time. It’s always a pleasure to encounter a fresh point of view – not from the art world – that reveals things to me about my work which I may not have considered myself’.

    To order the book, go to (£18.00 + p&p)

    Publisher : Smokehouse Press
    Published : 2014
    Pages : 144, fully illustrated in colour
    ISBN: 9780957633513