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    The Creative Feminine and her Discontents explores women’s subjective experiences of their creative selves as writers, singers, mothers, therapists and artists and argue that these subjective experiences are marginalized by the symbolism and language that is available to express and explore the creative feminine. It is a thesis of this book that one of the problems about writing or speaking about female creativity is that the language of a patriarchal world is restricted to speaking about women and not for them.

    ‘Miller implicitly makes the case that art is not a luxury, a hobby, an indulgence for the comfortably off but a necessity for all of us…. For a writer who wants to produce good original work, not just cosy re-hashes of what’s gone before, this means being willing to break up language, grammar and form in order to make new linguistic shapes out of the debris. One has to accept internal chaos  and breakage as part of the process…. Miller’s book packs its own powerful punch and makes provocative reading.’

    Michele Roberts , The Guardian 2008.

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    Publisher : Karnac Books
    Published : 2008
    Pages : 168
    Catalogue No : 25881
    ISBN 13 : 9781855755550
    ISBN 10 : 1855755556